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"What future for our agriculture? - A day of dialogue"

European Young Farmers Day, Brussels, 17 April 2007

Mariann Fischer Boel, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, wants to hear the views of young farmers on the future of European agriculture. The Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development therefore organised a day of dialogue in Brussels. Young Farmers from all over Europe were invited to participate.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has undergone a number of reforms, the most substantial beginning in 2003. In 2008/9 there will be a further reflection on the future of the CAP. The first step will be a "Health Check" to assess whether the reformed CAP is working as it should and whether any adjustments should be made. The second step, as part of the 2008/9 European Union budget review, will be an analysis of what the CAP should look like after 2013.

This day was part of the stakeholder consultations that are being organised in preparation of these important events. The key element of the day was to allow for an exchange of views with young farmers and for them to provide their visions and expectations for the future of European farming as a producer of food and as an important player in rural communities both in terms of the rural economy and the preservation of landscapes.

Whilst participation in the event was by invitation only, everybody interested could watch it live on their computers as the conference was webstreamed via the internet – and give their view by sending in comments on Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel's blog.



Programme in pdf:   English - Deutsch - français

Plenary session: What should the CAP look like after 2013?

"Giving a voice to the future of farming in the EU" (Mariann FISCHER BOEL, Member of the European Commission responsible for Agriculture and Rural Development) [pdf]

Consolidated presentation: "The Young Farmers' vision for the European model of farming and the role of the CAP":

  • "A young, modern and innovative European Agriculture" (Giacomo BALLARI, President of CEJA) [Presentation: pdf]  [Speaking notes: pdf it
  • "About Innovation Professionals and Agri-Entrepreneurs" (Peter PAPP, winner of European Innovative Young Farmer 2006, CEJA) [Presentation: pdf]  [Speaking notes: pdf hu]

"The vision for the European model of farming and the role of the CAP – the agricultural students view" (Harriet JOHNSON and Richard DEWHIRST (students, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, UK) [Presentation 1: pdf] [Presentation 2: pdf] [Speaking notes: pdf]

"The European researcher's vision of the European agricultural sector by 2020" (Peter NOWICKI, Project leader of Scenar 2020) [Presentation: pdf 4 MB]  [Speaking notes: pdf]

"What do consumers and citizens expect from agriculture – how can the CAP reach this objective?" (Rasmus KJELDAHL, President of the European Consumer Organisation, BEUC) [Presentation: pdf]

Poster presentations:

  • CEJA poster presentation [pdf]
  • EC poster presentation [pdf]



1. Agriculture, competitiveness, and market orientation

What will be required of tomorrow's farmers by the retail sector, the processing industries and consumers and will they be able to compete?


  • "What will the retail sector demand of the farmer in the future?" (Roland VAXELAIRE, Quality, Responsibility & Risk Management Director, Carrefour Group, and President Carrefour Belgium) [Presentation: pdf]
  • "Bulk vs. Quality – which way forward?" (Jaroslav CAMPLÍK, President, Czech Food & Drink Federation) [Presentation: pdf]
  • "Meeting the challenge of market orientation: a New Zealand perspective" (John McCAW, New Zealand Young Farmer 2006) [Presentation: pdf 2 MB]  [Speaking notes: pdf
  • "EU farmer in an increasingly competitive market" (Erik JENNEWEIN, Vice President CEJA) [Speaking notes: pdf de]


2. Role of agriculture as a provider of public goods

This workshop focuses on the vital role that agriculture plays as a provider of current and future public goods and services for Europe's society and the sustainable development of rural areas.


  • "Role of agriculture in rural economies" (Tom OLIVER, Head of Rural Policy, CPRE, UK) [Presentation: pdf 3,5 MB]  [Speaking notes: pdf]
  • "Provision of public goods from a sustainable EU agriculture" (Dr. Jürgen FRÖHLING, Chairman Executive Committee EISA) [Speaking notes: pdf]
  • "Food Quality Schemes and EU rules – issues related to internal market requirements" (Yanka KAZAKOVA, Team Leader, WWF Danube Carpathian Programme) [pdf]


3. New opportunities for the farming sector

This workshop explores innovative ideas, the use of new technology, new uses for agricultural products, alternative crops, energy crops etc.


  • "Biomass for energy" (Jean-Marc JOSSART, European Biomass Association, AEBIOM) [Presentation: pdf]
  • "Producing biomass and new outlets" (Andreas LÖFFLER, German young farmer, producer of biomass) [Presentation: pdf de 1,4 MB
  • "New opportunities for the farming sector - Rural Development and Leader approach" (Carlo RICCI, independent consultant) [Presentation: pdf it]
  • "Leader success story" (Christos GOUTIDIS, Social co-operative of the Dodekanisa Islands' Mental Health Sector, Koi.S.P.E) [Project description: pdf] [Speaking notes: pdf elen]
  • "A young farmer's experience" (Idalina CARRILHO, Portuguese rose grower, finalist European Innovative Young Farmer 2006, CEJA) [Presentation: pdf pt]



Final plenary

Presentation of workshop results by the rapporteurs:

  • Workshop 1 (Rapporteur: Vincent REQUILLART, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) [Presentation: pdf]
  • Workshop 2 (Rapporteur: David BALDOCK, Director IEEP, Institute for European Environmental Policy) [Presentation: pdf]
  • Workshop 3 (Rapporteur: Carlo RICCI, independent consultant) [Presentation: pdf]


Concluding remarks: Commissioner Mariann FISCHER BOEL [pdf]




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