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European Hearing on Organic Food and Farming - Towards a European Action Plan

22 January 2004, Brussels

On 22 January 2004 the European Commission held a 'European Hearing on Organic Food and Farming - Towards a European Action Plan' in Brussels. The main purpose of this hearing was to listen to the views of the widest possible range of stakeholders, to experts in the agricultural, environmental and consumer field and to hear from pilot initiatives. Following this public hearing, the Commission is preparing an Action Plan in the form of a Communication to the European Council and Parliament, including a list of possible actions to boost organic farming. The Brussels hearing provided the Commission with the most complete and appropriate guidance from stakeholders with a view to drawing up this Action Plan.

Over a 100 stakeholder organisations, Agricultural Ministers from Member States, Acceding and Candidate Countries and the press participated in this conference.


Welcome and introduction

Mr Joe Walsh, Minister for Agriculture and Food, Ireland [pdf]

"The future of organic farming"
Mr Franz Fischler, Member of the European Commission responsible for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries


Session 1 -The place of organic farming in European agriculture

Introduction by Chairman Mr Corrado Pirzio-Biroli, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Franz Fischler [pdf]

"What do consumers expect from organic farming?"
Robert Madelin, Director-General, DG Health and Consumer Protection [pdf]

"What do organic farmers expect from policy makers?"
Mr Francis Blake, president of IFOAM-EU [pdf]

"From farm supply to consumer packages, challenges for the processing industry"
M. Claudio Checchia, Pasta GRANORO of Corato [pdf]

"How can we optimise the market?"
Mrs Maria Itziar Aguirre Jiménez, University of Sevilla [pdf] [ppt]


Session 2 - The place of organic farming in the wider European society

Introduction by Chairman Mr Dirk Ahner, Deputy Director-General, DG Agriculture [pdf]

"Are the organic consumer labels conveying the right message?"
Mr Toralf Richter, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) [ppt]

"Marketing and distribution concepts - the view of the supermarket"
Mr Tony Sullivan, Sainsbury's [pdf]

"Can the organic standards continue to meet societal demands?"
Mr Raffaele Zanoli, University of Ancona [pdf] [ppt]

"Coexistence with GMOs and organic seed production"
Mrs Birte Boelt, Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming (DARCOF) [pdf]


Session 3 - Concluding session

Introduction by Chairman Mr José Manuel Silva Rodriguez, Director-General, DG Agriculture [pdf es]

Reports from the morning sessions by the two Chairmen:
Session 1 [ppt] - Session 2 [ppt]

The key issues: Mr Nicolas Lampkin, University of Wales [ppt]

Closing remarks by Mr Franz Fischler


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Press release(09/01/2004)

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Programme of the conference [pdf]


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