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Events (fairs, conferences, workshops ...)

Please note that we only list events that are organised or co-organised by the European Commission or - in the case of fairs and similar events - where the Commission is participating with a stand, a special programme etc.

Forthcoming events

05-06/09/2016, Cork: Cork 2.0: European Conference on Rural Development

02-09/11/2016: Business delegation visit of Commissioner Phil Hogan to Vietnam and Indonesia

06-07/12/2016, Brussels: The 2016 EU Agricultural Outlook Conference



Past events (selection)


20/06/2016, Aarhus: Citizens' Dialogue with Phil Hogan

13/06/2016, Rome: EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020

09/06/2016, Brussels: Genetic Resources for EU Agriculture: Status and Vision

31/05/2016, Madrid: EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020

28/05/2016, Brussels: Open day of the European institutions in Brussels

16-24/04/2016: Business delegation visit of Commissioner Phil Hogan to China and Japan

27/02-06/03/2016, Paris: The European Commission at the "Salon international de l'Agriculture" 2016

26/02/2016, Brussels: InfoDay on the "Calls for Proposals 2016"

23/02/2016, Brussels: ENRD Workshop on "Financing opportunities for projects - The Investment Plan for Europe"

08-12/02/2016: Business delegation visit of Commissioner Phil Hogan to Colombia and Mexico

26-28/01/2016, Brussels: Conference "Designing the path: a strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation"



11/12/2015, Brussels: Press conference with Commissioner Phil Hogan on EC approval of all rural development programmes

01-02/12/2015, Brussels: "EU Agricultural Outlook Conference"

01/05-31/10/2015, Milan: World Expo 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"

29/10/2015, Riga: Seminar "EAFRD Financial Instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020"

23/10/2015, Expo Milano: Conference "Competitiveness of EU wine"

20/10/2015, Expo Milano: Seminar "Structural realities in EU agriculture: Does farm size matter?"

18/10/2015, Expo Milano: Conference "Towards an EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture"

15-16/10/2015, Brussels: Conference "Knowledge for Young Farmers"

14-15/10/2015, Expo Milano: Conference "Agribusiness investments in partnership with farmers' organisations in ACP countries"

02/10/2015, Expo Milano: Workshop "Sensory analysis for better quality of virgin olive oil"

01/10/2015, Vienna: Seminar "EAFRD Financial Instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020"

01/10/2015, Expo Milano: Seminar "A common control culture for geographical indications: a multi-level and multidisciplinary approach, best practice, public and private enforcement and the help of science"

30/09/2015, Brussels: GLOBCAST dissemination event

25/09/2015, Expo Milano: Conference "Strengthening local development through cooperation"

24/09/2015, Expo Milano: 'Special edition' of NRN meeting: "The role of NRNs in supporting LEADER/CLLD"

22/09/2015, Brussels: Conference "EU Budget Focused on Results"

07/09/2015, Expo Milano: Seminar "New challenges, new generation"

07-08/08/2015, Expo Milano: Pre-ICAE conference "Global Food Security challenges"

06/07/2015, Expo Milano: Seminar "Geographical Indications in a globalised world: a win-win for producers and consumers"

23-24/06/2015, Dublin: First European fi-compass Conference on Financial Instruments under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

19/06/2015, Expo Milano: Workshop "Towards a long-term strategy for European agricultural research and innovation by 2020 and beyond"

09/06/2015, Expo Milano: Seminar "European agriculture, policy and food security: What’s at stake?”

03-05/06/2015, Milan: EGEA Conference "Healthy diet, healthy environment within a fruitful economy: the role of fruit and vegetables"

28-29/05/2015, Expo Milano: Conference "Organic production, Research and Innovation: setting priorities for the future"

06/05/2015, Beijing: Launch of the EU information and promotion campaign on Geographical Indications (PDO/PGI) in China

23/03/2015, Brussels: Conference: "EC-EIB co-operation in agriculture and rural development within the EU"

04/03/2015, Brussels: Conference on antitrust guidelines in the agricultural sector



05/12/2014, Brussels: Conference "2024 prospects for EU agricultural markets"

21/11/2014: Brussels: Info day on Horizon 2020 calls 2015 for Societal Challenge 2

23-24/10/2014, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Geographical indications workshop français (fr)

10/09/2014, Brussels: Workshop "Contractual negotiation in the sectors for olive oil, beef and certain arable crops"

21-22/05/2014, Paris: Regional Workshop on "Establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes"

06-07/05/2014, Prague: Regional Workshop on "Establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes"

25-26/03/2014, Ljubljana: Regional Workshop on "Establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes"



09-10/12/2013, Brussels: Conference "Telling the Story - Communicating European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020"

29/11/2013, Brussels: Conference "Family farming: A dialogue towards more sustainable and resilient farming in Europe and the world"

14/10/2013, Brussels: Enlarged Advisory Group on CAP reform

07-18/10/2013: Geographical indications workshops in African ACP countries

24/09/2013, Brussels: Conference "The EU dairy sector: developing beyond 2015"

17/06/2013, Brussels: Lunchtime debate: "The European Innovation Partnership "Agricultural productivity and Sustainability""

10-11/06/2013, Madrid: Scientific workshop on olive oil authentication

02-04/06/2013, Seville: IATRC symposium "Productivity and its Impacts on Global Trade"

15/05/2013, Brussels: Briefing Conference "Geography of Food - Reconnecting with origin in the food system"

10/04/2013, Brussels: Workshop "European Agribusiness in Africa: Opportunities and challenges"



09-11/12/2012, Brussels: CAP@50 Communication networking event

19-20/11/2012, Brussels: Sustainable Food hearing/workshop: "Feeding the planet sustainably: from foresight to better integrated policies"

19/11/2012, Brussels: Conference "The EIP on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability – Priorities and Delivery Mechanisms"

15/10/2012, Zagreb: Seminar "Common Agricultural Policy - moving with the times" 

13/07/2012, Brussels: Conference "The CAP towards 2020 – taking stock with civil society"

21/06/2012, Rio de Janeiro: "Agriculture – the way towards sustainability and inclusiveness" (European Commission side event at the Rio+20 Conference) 

31/05-01/06/2012, Brussels: ENPARD Conference on Strategic Modernisation of Agriculture in EU Neighbourhood countries 

20/04/2012, Brussels: Conference "Local agriculture and short food supply chains"

07/03/2012, Brussels: Conference "Enhancing innovation and the delivery of research in EU agriculture" 



19/12/2011, Brussels: Conference-debate "CAP Reform through analytical lenses" at the COMAGRI

10-11/11/2011, Kampala, Uganda: "Creating value through Geographical Labelling and Indications: the Power of Origin" (Workshop)

20-21/09/2011, Brussels: "Monitoring and evaluation for CAP post-2013" stakeholder conference

11-12/07/2011, Brussels: "Building strategies for Africa: Adding-value through organic agriculture" (Workshop)

23/05/2011, Brussels: EESC Food Security Conference in cooperation with the European Commission

28/01/2011, Brussels: Workshop on sharing experiences on urban and peri-urban forestry

12/01/2011, Brussels: "Enlarged advisory group on CAP towards 2020 - Quality Package - Milk package"



28-29/09/2010, Brussels: Seminar "Ensuring Good management of Rural Development programmes 2007-2013"

19-20/07/2010, Brussels: Conference "CAP post-2013"





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