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Creating value through Geographical Indications: the power of origin (Workshop on Geographical Indications, Kampala (Uganda), 10-11/11/2011)

A joint African Union Commission and European Commission event brought together about 60 practitioners and experts from all over Africa and Europe in order to disseminate knowledge and enhance skills and the capacity of African producers, to identify and adding value to potential African GI products as well as create market opportunities for non-identified products.


Workshop Chair: H.E. Lingston Cumberbatch, Director, TradeCom Facility

Session Chairs:

  • Nikiforos Sivenas, Director A, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission
  • Okaasai Opolot, Director of Crop Resources – Ministry of Agriculture of Uganda
  • Dr. Sarah Olembo, Senior Policy Officer, African Union Commission
  • Vincent Fautrel, Programme coordinator/Agricultural trade, Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)


Agenda pdf - 178 KB [178 KB]  


 Opening Remarks pdf - 660 KB [660 KB] by Hon. Amelia Kyambadde, Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives


Session 1: Origin as tool for developments

"GIs as a tool for development: Its special nature and characteristics" pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] by Prof. Ruth Okediji, University of Minnesota Law School

"Protection of origin-designated products in ACP countries: overview of current research and trends" pdf - 346 KB [346 KB] by Prof. Graham Dutfield, Leeds University

"Geographical Indications – state of play in Africa" pdf - 591 KB [591 KB] by McDave Elias Appiah, Expert ARIPO

"Initiatives OAPI en matiere d'IG" pdf - 190 KB [190 KB] français (fr) by Héhé Kpohomou Kaamon, Chargé du programme IG OAPI

"Adding value to agricultural products through their origin and special characteristics" pdf - 906 KB [906 KB] by Francis Fay, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission


Session 2: Challenges to developing and protecting GIs

"The setting up of a GI: a toolkit for the different phase of the local process importance of the qualification phase" pdf - 390 KB [390 KB] by Dominique Barjolle, GI Expert, REDD FAO Consultant

"Certification and other appropriate control mechanisms & role of the Public Authorities" pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] français (fr)  by Nathanaël Duflot, Senior Expert ECOCERT

"A case study on the registration of Darjeeling as a PGI in the European Union: some very practical considerations" pdf - 708 KB [708 KB] by Bernard O’Connor, EU-WTO Attorney

Practical experiences on GIs:

  • "Pruneau d’Agen" pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] français (fr) by Gérard Délcoustal, Président du Syndicat du Pruneau d'Agen
  • "Riz de Camargue" pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] français (fr) by Benjamine Van De Putte, Expert Riz de Carmargue
  • "Gruyère de Comté" pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] français (fr) by Emmanuel Champon, Président du Comité Inter professionnel du Gruyère de Comté

The potential for the Commodity Boards: how Boards can engage in origin-designated marketing


Session 3: Accessing markets: local, national, regional and EU/international

"Identification and analysis of potential markets and the marketing and promotion of GIs" pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] by Jacky Charbonneau, Branding Expert, INTRACEN (ITC)

"Using GIs for product branding: instruments and projects managed by WIPO" pdf - 5 MB [5 MB]  by Violeta Jalba, Assistant Legal Officer, Brand and Designs Sector WIPO

African Case Studies:


 Session 4: Working together on GIs

"Facilitating access to GI project funding — The African Union's role" pdf - 363 KB [363 KB]  by Dr. Sarah Olembo, Senior Policy Officer, African Union Commission

"Identification of origin-linked products and dissemination of inventories to make them known" pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]  by Dominique Barjolle, GI Expert – REDD, FAO Consultant



Conclusions and deliverables 


Joint AUC-EC Report pdf - 247 KB [247 KB]

describes the context, main deliberations and conclusions of the workshop.



"Q&A Manual on European Legislation on Geographical Indications" pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

prepared in respect of China but can serve as a guide for other countries when addressing key issues often raised, the various definitions of GIs, registration procedures, the difference between trademarks and GIs, the use of GIs and GI logos as well as how GIs are protected, supervised and administered.


"PDO-PGI guide for applicants from non-EU countries" pdf - 39 KB [39 KB] français (fr)

designed for applicants based outside the EU who wish to register the name of an agricultural product or foodstuff as a PDO (protected designation of origin) or PGI (protected geographical indication) in the EU.


List of potential GIs and legal arrangements in Africa pdf - 19 KB [19 KB]

compiled by the participants of the workshop.


Links to the other main deliverables can be found in the Joint AUC-EC Report pdf - 247 KB [247 KB]



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