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CAP@50 Communication networking event (Brussels, 9-11/12/2012)

CAP@50 Communication networking event (Brussels, 9-11/12/2012)


CAP@50 Communication networking event (Brussels, 9-11/12/2012)

The CAP@50 campaign came to an end in Brussels on 9-11 December at the CAP@50:Communication Networking Event, which should become a yearly rendez-vous of agricultural journalists, farmers’ associations and other relevant EU NGOs, other EU institutions and communication experts from the Member States’ Agricultural Ministries and the European Rural Development Network.


The event took place in parallel with the last stop in the CAP@50 exhibition roadshow, which has been travelling to 20 Member States during its “anniversary year”.


The Communication Networking Event is meant to become a platform for exchange of best practices in terms of CAP communication, projects targeting stakeholders, the general public and/or projects using highly innovative communication methods. Its participants voted during the award ceremony on 10 December for the 12 nominated projects in the CAP Communication Award  to define the internal ranking (1st, 2nd and 3rd prize) in each of its four categories; Communication to the Public, Communication to Stakeholders, EU Co-financed actions and Innovative Communication.


The description of the 12 winning projects, as well as short video clips presenting each category, are available here.



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