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Evaluation of the School Milk Measure

Final report – February 1999  [pdf]

CEAS Consultants have carried out this evaluation, which is financed by DG Agriculture Services.
It concerns the application of the school milk measure in the 1992-1997 period and examines the impacts of this measure in selected Member States (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Spain).
This study is done in English; it exists in no other language at the Commission Services.
On this site is the complete text of the rapport including the Annexes.
It only reflects the author's views and the publication on the DG Agriculture Internet site does not mean that the European Commission or its services agree on the conclusions of the report.  fr

Judgement on the quality of the evaluation report  fr

Full text  [File size (Bytes) 747296]


S1.  Executive summary

Part 1:  Evaluation objectives and methodology

  1.  Introduction

Part 2:  Findings

 2. Scheme mechanisms, arrangements, distribution, management costs and monitoring methods
 3. Impact of school milk subsidy on prices paid for milk products by students
 4. Availability of scheme milk products in school
 5. Promotional activities
 6. Number of beneficiaries
 7. EU milk consumption: general and scheme specific comparisons
 8. Main factors influencing milk consumption levels
 9. Scheme disposal costs and value for money considerations
10.  Relevance (pertinence) of the scheme
11.  Conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: Scheme mechanisms and arrangements

Appendix 2: EU milk consumption patterns, UK, France and Germany

Appendix 3: Milk promotion: educational role in improving nutrition



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