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Interim evaluation of rural development programmes [Objectives 5(a) and 5(b)]  (01/1999)

As required by the Structural Fund programming for 1994-99, a mid-term review has been carried out of some horizontal programmes under Objective 5(a) (processing and marketing of products) and of some regionalised programmes under Objective 5(b) (development of less-favoured rural areas).

The immediate aim of this mid-term evaluation, which has been conducted by independent experts at the Commission's request, is to enable the Monitoring Committees for the various programmes to make adjustments and, where required, to reallocate resources. It also paves the way for the final evaluation, when data are to be aggregated at EU level. A further goal is to improve methods of evaluation and to apply them widely as a basic programming tool. By making programme management more efficient, flexible and realistic and through the general lessons it provides for Community policies, evaluation can contribute to a better division of responsibilities between the Commission, the authorities in the Member States and the economic and social partners, as proposed in Agenda 2000.

Evaluation - a tool for rural development (Newsletter No 6)

"Interim evaluation of rural development programmes (Objectives 5(a) and 5(b))"

Interim evaluations - Objective 5(b): Country reports


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