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Evaluation of policy measures in agriculture

Evaluation of measures applied under the Common Agricultural Policy to the protein crop sector

Final report
November 2009

This study, financed by the European Commission, was undertaken by LMC International. The conclusions, recommendations and opinions presented in this report reflect the opinion of the consultant and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Commission.


Judgement on the quality of the evaluation report [pdf]


Full text [pdf, 900 KB]

Synthetic summary [pdf] bgcsdadeelesetfritltlvhumtnlplptroskslfisv

Executive summary [pdf, also available in fr]

  • Table of contents [pdf]
  • Glossary [pdf]
  • Chapter 1: Background to the Evaluation and Methodology [pdf]
  • Chapter 2: Theoretical Analysis of the Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • Chapter 3: Overview of the Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • Chapter 4: Answer to Theme 1 Question: Impacts on the Production of Protein Crops [pdf]
  • Chapter 5: Answer to Theme 2 Questions: Impacts on the supply to the processing industry [pdf]
  • Chapter 6: Answer to Theme 3 Questions: Competitiveness of Protein Crops [pdf]
  • Chapter 7: Answer to Theme 4 Questions: Efficiency, Coherence and Relevances [pdf]
  • Chapter 8: Conclusions and Recommendations [pdf]


Case Study Monographs [pdf, 1 MB]

  • Table of contents [pdf]
  • French Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • German Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • Hungarian Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • Polish Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • Spanish Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • UK Protein Crop Sector [pdf]
  • Canadian Protein Crop Sector [pdf]




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Date of publication: 16-09-2010