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Ex-post evaluation of the Community Initiative Leader II

Final report
by ÖIR - Managementdienste GmbH
December 2003

Judgement on the quality of the evaluation report [pdf]

  • Volume 1: Main Report
    • Full text [pdf, File size 1.75MB]
    • Table of contents [pdf]
    • Chapter 1: Introduction [pdf]
    • Chapter 2: Executive summary [esdadeelenfritptnlfisv pdf]
    • Chapter 3: Aims and scope of the evaluation [pdf]
    • Chapter 4: Approach and methodology [pdf]
    • Chapter 5: The implementation of Leader II [pdf]
    • Chapter 6: The specific features of Leader II and resulting behavioural changes [pdf]
    • Chapter 7: The impact of Leader II on horizontal objectives (tor 2.1.2) [pdf]
    • Chapter 8: Evaluation activities [pdf]
    • Chapter 9: Conclusions and recommendations [pdf]
    • Chapter 10: Glossary and abbreviations [pdf]
  • Volume 2: Tools  
  • Volume 3: Case Studies  
    • Case studies [pdf]
    • Case Studies on Projects of trans-national Cooperation (TNC) [pdf]
    • Comparative Case Studies on the Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness of the Programme Implementation with regard to the LEADER-specific
      Financing and Management Procedures (CEA) [pdf]
  • Volume 4: Geographical Reports* 
    • Full text [pdf, File size 3.57MB]
    • Table of contents and introduction [pdf]
    • II.1 Austria [pdf]
    • II.2 Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands [pdf]
    • II.3 Germany [pdf]
    • II.4 Denmark and Sweden [pdf]
    • II.5 Spain [pdf]
    • II.6 Finland [pdf]
    • II.7 France, Wallonie/Belgique, Luxembourg [pdf]
    • II.8 Greece [pdf]
    • II.9 Ireland [pdf]
    • II.10 Italy [pdf]
    • II.11 Portugal [pdf]
    • II.12 United Kingdom [pdf]
  • *Note to the reader:

    The country reports attached to this evaluation report are based on the results of the data collection efforts that the evaluators undertook in each of the Member States. The information available through the national/regional evaluations commissioned at Member State level were also used to feed into the evaluator's country reports. However, it is important to note that the purpose of the evaluator's country reports is not to repeat the work done for the national/regional evaluations or to supplement or correct them. Their purpose is entirely to facilitate the aggregation of findings at EU-level following the evaluation questions set out in the Terms of Reference of this evaluation.


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