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Methods for and success of mainstreaming Leader innovations and approach into rural development programmes

Final report
by ÖIR – Managementdienste GmbH
Vienna, 19 April 2004

This document has been drafted by experts of the ÖIR-Managementdienste GmbH. It does not represent the formal opinion of the European Commission, but that of the authors.

Judgement on the quality of the evaluation report [fr pdf]

  • Full text [pdf]
  • 1: Executive summary [pdf esdadeelfritnlfifisv]
  • 2: Introduction  [pdf]
  • 3: Incidence and relative importance of Leader-like approaches in rural development programmes [pdf]
  • 4: Assessment of the success of Leader–like approaches in rural development programmes [pdf]
  • 5: Conclusions [pdf]
  • 6: Recommendations [pdf]
  • 7: Glossary, bibliography and interview sources [pdf]
  • Annex 1: Monographs
    • Monograph DE: The Rural Regional Development Programme Hessen [pdf]
    • Monograph ES: PRODER Andalucia [pdf]
    • Monograph FI: POMO and POMO+ [pdf]
    • Monograph IE: Area-Based Rural Development Initiative [pdf]
    • Monograph IT: Integrated Territorial Project Calabria (Objective 1) [pdf]
    • Monograph PT: Local development association Vincentina [pdf]
  • Annex 2: Comparative Case Studies 
    • Comparative Case Study FR: RDP measures – Politique des Pays in Rhône-Alpes [fr pdf]
    • Comparative Case Study GR: Integrated Rural Development Programme of Thessalia (Axis 7) – ROP Thessalia (Axis 2) [pdf]
    • Comparative Case Study IT:Rural Development Programme Tuscany – Rural Development Programme of Umbria [pdf]
    • Comparative Case Study UK: Highlands & Islands Special Transitional Programme (Scotland, Objective 1) – Rural Enterprise Scheme (England) [pdf]

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