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Evaluation of the impact of actions implementing Regulation (EEC) No 2019/93 on the economic situation of the small islands in the Aegean Sea

Final report – October 1999 - Athens, GREECE  [pdf]

This study, which is financed by the European Commission, has been carried out by Dr Y.Totsiou (Agronomist), Dr D.Hatzantonis (Economist), Dr D.Karamitopoulou (Economist), and Prof. S.Lolos (Economics & Regional Development Department of Panteion University of Athens), under a contact awarded to SPEED LTD.
It only reflects the author’s views and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the European Commission.

Judgement on the quality of the evaluation report  fr

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 Executive summary

 1.  Introduction context

 2.  Methodological approach

 3.  Specific supply arrangements

 4.  Measures to support local production

 5.  Derogations from the structural measures

 6.  Evaluation of public administration and monitoring

 7.  Conclusions

 8.  Comments and recommendations

Annex 1: Comparative presentation between data of the Ministry of Agriculture and GEDIDAGEP
Annex 2: Report of the field survey in Aegean islands for the implementation of specific supply arrangements (Reg 2019/93) (Syros)


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