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European Innovation Partnership

EIP focus group on protein crops

What does the feed sector need in terms of protein? Why is EU farming not able to deliver? Why is EU farming in protein crops not competitive? How can this be remedied?

Reports from the focus group:


Tasks of the focus group:

  • Analysing the demand for protein crops in Europe:
    • What are the requirements for the feed sector (quality, price)?
    • What are the key findings (e.g. comparative analysis of cost/benefit of protein crops in Europe)?
    • What strategies can be developed to increase competitiveness of protein cultivation in Europe?
  • Assessing the potential of relevant crops and forage which are rich in protein.
  • Taking into account the value of protein crops in the crop rotation (e.g. effects on soil fertility, reduced nutrient use, reduced weed infestation, micronutrients, reduced compaction, etc.).
  • Making suggestions on how to increase productivity and protein content of soybean in the EU, pulses (vicia, beans and peas), alfalfa and clover, oil seeds (rapeseed, sunflower).


Members of the focus group:

  • Nóra Adányi, Hungary
  • Ana Hurtado, Spain
  • Paolo Annicchiarico, Italy
  • Martijn Buijsse, Netherlands
  • Yvan Dejaegher, Belgium
  • Myriam Gaspard, France
  • Paloma Gatón, Spain
  • Felipe Gómez de Valenzuela, Spain
  • Nathalie Gosselet, France
  • Volker Hahn, Germany
  • Jacques Morineau, France
  • Donal Murphy-Bokern, Ireland
  • Salvador Nadal, Spain
  • Tim O'Donovan, Ireland
  • Etienne Pilorgé, France
  • Jürgen Recknagel, Germany
  • Frederick Stoddard, Finland
  • Stefano Tavoletti, Italy
  • Johann Vollmann, Austria
  • Rebecca Ward, United Kingdom