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European Innovation Partnership

EIP-AGRI Focus group: High Nature Value (HNV) farming profitability

How to make HNV farming more profitable without losing the HNV characteristics?

Tasks of the focus group:

  • Clarify the main socio-economic threats to the continued existence of HNV farming and the main opportunities. Use examples to illustrate these threats and opportunities
  • Identify research/examples of methods/projects that result in economically viable or improved HNV farming systems (for example: use of specific machinery, alternative crops and livestock species, developing special products , small scale food processing facilities, innovative marketing, new business models, diversification into non-agricultural activities, etc.)
  • Identify fail factors that limit the scope for new economic activity by farmers in HNV areas and summarise how to address these factors
  • Explore the role of innovation and knowledge transfer in supporting the socio-economic viability and sustainability of HNV farming.


 Members of the focus group:

  • Beaufoy, Guy, United Kingdom
  • Herzon, Iryna, Finland
  • Jitea, Ionel-Mugurel, Romania
  • Keenleyside, Clunie, United Kingdom
  • Külvet, Airi, Estonia
  • Luick, Rainer, Germany
  • MackenWalsh, Aine, Ireland
  • McCann, Katrin, Sweden
  • McGurn, Patrick, Ireland
  • d' Orey Manoel, Pedro, Portugal
  • Peneva, Maryia, Bulgaria
  • Pietx, Jordi, Spain
  • Plassmann, Miroslava, Slovakia
  • Popa, Razvan, Romania
  • Poux, Xavier, France
  • Röder, Norbert, Germany
  • Salguero, Concha, Spain
  • Sannen, Kurt, Belgium
  • Todorovic, Sonja, Croatia
  • Triosrio, Antonella, Italy