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European Innovation Partnership

EIP-AGRI Focus group: Fertiliser efficiency – focus on horticulture in open field

How to use innovative fertilisation and nutrient recycling to solve the conflict between the need for crop fertilisation and legislative requirements regarding water quality?

Tasks of the focus group:

  • Identify how crop quality and yield is influenced by legal requirements (stemming from the Nitrates Directive and the Water Framework Directive) and by which elements in particular (application standards, closed periods, organic matter calculation)
  • Identify and compare systems to reduce fertiliser use without affecting yield and quality while taking into account cost-effectiveness and other factors like temperature, humidity, soil etc
  • Identify and compare innovative systems that can help to solve the conflict between crop quality and quantity demands and the legislative requirements, e.g. innovative fertilisation techniques, crop residue management, irrigation management, crop rotation, organic matter and by-products management, N and P dynamics in relation with soil quality, the use of slow release fertilisers and catch crops, nutrient spreading or placement, tillage, other
  • Identify fail factors that limit the use of the identified techniques/systems by farmers and summarise how to address these factors.


Members of the focus group:

  • Canali, Stefano, Italy
  • Carranca, Corina, Portugal
  • Coopman, Franky, Belgium
  • de Haan, Janjo, The Netherlands
  • De Neve, Stefaan, Belgium
  • Garming, Hildegard, Germany
  • Hajdu, Zoltán, Hungary
  • Javier, Brañas, Spain
  • Malusa, Eligio, Italy
  • Martínez Gaitán, Carolina Clara, Spain
  • Mulholland, Barry, United Kingdom
  • Nicola, Silvana, Italy
  • Plunkett, Mark, Ireland
  • Rahn, Clive, United Kingdom
  • Shaban, Nidal, Bulgaria
  • Svensson, Ingvar, Sweden
  • Thompson, Rodney, Non-European country
  • Toresano-Sanchez, Fernando Andres, Spain
  • Verhaeghe, Micheline, Belgium
  • Voogt, Wim, Netherlands