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Regional Workshop on "Establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes" (Lisbon, 27/02/2014)

During February – May 2014, DG AGRI is organising a series of workshops focused on the practical aspects of establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes. The first workshop took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on Thursday 27 February 2014 and was hosted by the Portuguese National Authority for EAFRD and by the Portuguese Rural Network with participants invited from Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Malta.

The workshop aimed to give stakeholders practical information on how to set up operational groups and concentrated on:

Introducing the key principles for practical implementation of the EIP AGRI, with a specific focus upon setting-up Operational Groups with RDP funding
Providing specific examples of the form and function of Operational Groups and the necessary Innovation Support Services
Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience between potential "EIP multipliers" participants
Identifying practical next steps for "EIP multipliers" participants to stimulate / promote the practical implementation of the EIP AGRI
Connecting any potential Operational Group partners that are participating


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