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The European School Milk Programme

The European Union’s School Milk Programme isn’t just about milk. It’s about milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk and other delicious milk products that are important to good nutrition and a balanced diet. It’s also about you and your well-being: eating well, staying fit and being healthy.

Packed with calcium, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs, milk and milk products give you power in your everyday life. Explore our website and learn more about the nutritional “power” of dairy and test your knowledge about milk and milk products.

Do you have a milk fountain at your school? Can you get yogurt or milk during school lunch? Did you know that in most places the European School Milk Programme helps make it possible for your school to offer you these and other milk products? Fruit and vegetables are also important to stay healthy, so the EU would like to provide free fruit and vegetables to you at your school through the proposed European School Fruit Scheme.

The School Milk Programme

The School Milk Programme The European School Milk Programme supports good nutrition and a healthy, balanced diet for pupils through subsidies and education.

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School Milk in my Country

School Milk in my Country Want to know more about the School Milk Programme in your country? Find out who to contact to get more information here.

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Quiz You think you know about milk? Test your knowledge with this quiz and see how much you really know. Take the quiz now!

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Teachers and Parents’ Corner

Teachers and Parents’ Corner Milk and milk products can be just as important for your health as for kids. Learn more about the healthy benefits of dairy and pass the knowledge on.

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Toolbox Get some free materials to promote the School Milk Programme.

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Photo Competition

Photo Competition Have a look at the results of the photo competition.

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