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Reform of the cotton regime: call for contributions to an internet consultation

Following the general reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, a new aid regime for cotton was adopted by the Council in 2004 (applicable as of January 2006). In this new arrangement 65 % of the previous aid has been "decoupled" (not linked to production) and 35 % has been linked to cotton production in the form of an area payment. The Government of Spain contested this reform before the European Court of Justice and the Court annulled the cotton reform in September 2006. However the reform approach (the change of support system) itself is not questioned, but the way the reform was prepared.

As the EU cotton support scheme involves many economic, international (development and trade), environmental, social and quality issues, a view of the stakeholders would be useful. The Commission would like to have the input of the different stakeholders (producers, consumers and tax payers) on these issues for the future EU cotton support scheme.


How to participate?

All stakeholders and the general public are invited to take part in the consultation by filling in the questionnaire.

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This questionnaire is also available in German, Greek, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Your personal information is covered by a Privacy Statement [pdf].

Please note that this consultation will remain open until 22 June 2007.

Your contributions will be analyzed, and the result will be published on this website. This consultation will contribute to the Commission's assessment on the need and potential options for a new reform proposal.