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Climate change

Agriculture and climate change

Agriculture is highly exposed to climate change, as farming activities directly depend on climatic conditions.

But agriculture also contributes to climate change through the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

However, agriculture can also help to provide solutions to the overall climate change problem by reducing emissions and by sequestering carbon while not threatening viable food production.

If you are looking for concise answers to the following questions:

  • How does farming influence climate change?
  • How will farming in the EU be affected by climate change?
  • How can farms reduce emissions now?
  • How can farming adapt to the changed climate?

please read the fact-sheet "EU agriculture and climate change" pdf - 499 KB [499 KB]


For more detailed information on the EU's efforts to tackle climate change, please visit the following EU websites:

>> Climate Action: Forests and Agriculture

>> European Climate Adaptation Platform: Agriculture and Forestry

>> European Environment Agency: Climate change



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