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Civil dialogue groups

Civil dialogue groups: Calls for applications - CLOSED

The composition of the civil dialogue groups was decided upon on the basis of calls for applications.

The calls for applications concerned the composition of civil dialogue groups, each covering a different subject relating to the common agricultural policy, including rural development, and its implementation.

Membership in the civil dialogue groups is open to EU-wide non-governmental organisations, such as representative associations, socio-economic interest groups, civil society organisations, and trade unions registered in the joint European Transparency Register. These organisations could be admitted on condition that they: 


  • are not represented by a (higher-level) EU-wide umbrella organisation;
  • have sufficient capacity to coordinate activities with the Commission and all their members;
  • are well-established and stable;
  • are active in the relevant field;
  • have sufficient expertise in the relevant field.

Detailed information on the differents subjects and on how to apply for membership in a civil dialogue group: 


  1. Animal products pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  2. Arable crops pdf - 209 KB [209 KB]
  3. CAP pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  4. Direct payments and greening pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  5. Environment and climate change pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  6. Forestry and cork pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  7. Horticulture, olives and spirits pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  8. International aspects of agriculture pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  9. Milk pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  10. Organic farming pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  11. Quality and promotion pdf - 209 KB [209 KB]
  12. Rural development pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
  13. Wine pdf - 203 KB [203 KB]
  14. Women in rural areas pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]


Deadline for the submission of applications was 30/04/2014.

On 18 July 2014 the Director-General of the Commission's Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development decided on the composition of the civil dialogue groups.

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>> Read the desision on the composition of the civil dialogue groups pdf - 32 KB [32 KB]


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