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The Common Agricultural Policy after 2013

Monitoring and evaluation for the CAP post-2013

The future CAP is called upon to respond to important economic, environmental and social challenges and to contribute for agriculture and rural areas to the Europe 2020 smart, sustainable and inclusive goals in the form of viable food production, sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, and balanced territorial development. The future monitoring and evaluation system will serve to help assess the progress, efficiency and effectiveness of the policy in meeting these objectives.

Provisions for a CAP monitoring and evaluation system are laid down in Article 110 of the Commission proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on the financing, management and monitoring of the common agricultural policy ("the Horizontal Regulation").


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The new common monitoring and evaluation system will assess the performance of the CAP and its main instruments (i.e. direct payments, market measures, rural development measures and the application of cross compliance) building on and maximising synergies between monitoring and evaluation tools.

Within the basic regulatory framework as it takes shape, the Commission is looking to involve all stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental, from an early stage, to support a successful implementation of the future monitoring and evaluation system. Effective implementation of the system depends not only on the Commission and Member States, but also on farmers and other rural actors. This is why the Commission has begun a long term process of collaboration with the stakeholders to prepare the new CAP monitoring and evaluation system.

This web page presents the main steps of this process in reverse chronological order.




January 2014: The following documents contain details of the indicators proposed for monitoring and evaluation of the CAP, which have been developed in conjunction with Member States.  The final lists of context, impact, result and output indicators, and those used to establish quantified targets for RDPs, will be included in implementing acts.


14/15 March 2012: Joint workshop of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) and the European Evaluation Network (EEN) on 2014-2020 Strategic programming and RDP Monitoring and Evaluation

The first day was devoted to 'strategic programming 2014-2020' and encouraged discussions on preparing for the Common Strategic Framework (CSF) and the Partnership Contracts (PCs), the relation to the National Reform Programmes (NRPs -for the Europe 2020 strategy), the envisaged consultation and coordination mechanisms at Member State level, and the approach to Community Led Local Development in the PCs.

Presentations made by the Commission on the future framework for rural development and on the approach to Community Led Local Development in the PCs:


The second day was dedicated to 'Monitoring and Evaluation of the RDPs 2014-2020'. The objectives were to exchange on preparing for the future monitoring and evaluation system and possible common indicators for rural development and to identify the needs of stakeholders in this context and the possible role of networks in the preparatory phase.

A technical background document 'Draft intervention logic for rural development post 2013 and possible common indicators' was made available before the workshop and presented on 15 March.


>> Newsletter of the conference presenting the outcomes pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

>> Pictures of the workshops published on the ENRD website 



19 January 2012: Rural Development Evaluation Expert Committee (ExCO)


November 2011: Commission legal proposals for monitoring and evaluation (Pillar I and II)


>> Presentation pdf - 158 KB [158 KB]  



27 October 2011: Joint session of the Rural Development Evaluation Expert Committee (ExCO) and Single CMO Committee (Cereals)

This joint session was open to delegates of the single CMO management committee. It aimed at presenting the assessment of legal proposals for market management and rural development (Pillar I and II) to identify issues where some elements of common/complementary monitoring and evaluation could be envisaged.


>> Presentation on the existing monitoring and evaluation systems in the second pillar and the existing evaluations in the first pillar pdf - 271 KB [271 KB]



20/21 September 2011: Stakeholder Conference, Brussels

The conference was the kick-off of a longer-term development process and had several specific aims: to build a shared understanding around the requirements and expectations for the monitoring and evaluation of the CAP post-2013, to explore the elements and tools needed in order to meet these expectations and to establish a basis for further work on developing a monitoring and evaluation system which responds to the needs of all stakeholders.


>> Newsletter of the conference presenting the main outcomes pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

>> Record of the conference pdf - 14 MB [14 MB]