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Legal proposals for the CAP after 2013

Legal proposals for the CAP after 2013

The Common Agricultural Policy after 2013
Legal proposals for the CAP after 2013

The European Commission's  proposals for a reform of the CAP after 2013 aim to strengthen the competitiveness and the sustainability of agriculture and maintain its presence in all regions, in order to guarantee European citizens healthy and quality food production, to preserve the environment and to help develop rural areas.

On 12 October 2011 the Commission presented a set of legal proposals designed to make the CAP a more effective policy for a more competitive and sustainable agriculture and vibrant rural areas.

The legal proposals are accompanied by an impact assessment that evaluates alternative scenarios for the evolution of the policy on the basis of extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis.


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>> Watch Commissioner Cioloş' presentation at the European Parliament (COMAGRI)

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10 key points of the reform


Watch the video clips with Commissioner Cioloş' statements on the key points  (in French with English subtitles).


  1. Better targeted income support  
  2. Tools to address crisis management which are more responsive and better suited
  3. A "green" payment for preserving long-term productivity   
  4. Additional investment in research and innovation  
  5. A more competitive and balanced food chain   
  6. Encouraging agri-environmental initiatives  
  7. Facilitating the establishment of young farmers  
  8. Stimulating rural employment and entrepreneurship  
  9. Better addressing sensitive areas  
  10. A simpler and more efficient CAP   



What happens next?


Following a debate in the European Parliament and the Council, the approval of the different regulations and implementing acts is expected by the end of 2013, with a view to having the CAP reform in place as from 1st January 2014.

As it is not realistic for Member States to have all the necessary administrative procedures in place by the start of next year and in order to ensure continuity, the Commission proposed, on 18 April 2013, transitional rules for some elements of policy.

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