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The Common Agricultural Policy after 2013

CAP post-2013: Graphs and figures

This page includes key graphs on the CAP and the agricultural sector, as well as links to some statistical publications on agriculture, rural development and trade prepared by the Commission.

Key graphs on the CAP and the European agricultural sector:

Graph 1: CAP expenditure in the total EU expenditure pdf - 104 KB [104 KB]

Graph 2: CAP expenditure and CAP reform path pdf - 232 KB [232 KB]

Graph 3: CAP expenditure and CAP reform path post-2013 pdf - 237 KB [237 KB]

Graph 4: Evolution of agricultural income as a share of average income in the economy pdf - 143 KB [143 KB]

Graph 5: Share of direct payments and total subsidies in agricultural factor income pdf - 122 KB [122 KB]


PEA-2009Potential eligible area for 2009 pdf - 52 KB [52 KB]  

This table presents the potential eligible area for 2009 used in the calculation of the external convergence in the framework of the future CAP (2014-2020).
Source: IACS


"Statistical factsheets - Agriculture in the European Union and the Member States"

The statistical factsheets present the main economic and agricultural data for each country and the European Union.


"Agriculture in the European Union - Statistical and economic information"

Covers a wide range of subjects: the economic situation in agriculture, structures, trade, markets, financial aspects and rural development.


"Agricultural trade statistics"

Provides tables and graphics describing the European Union's agricultural trade position in the world as well as detailed trade information.


"Agricultural trade graphs"

Graphs on agro-food trade developments of the EU and other main agricultural players.


"Rural Development in the European Union - Statistical and Economic Information"

Provides, at national and regional levels, statistical and economic information covering the three objectives of Rural Development policy 2007-2013.