Agriculture and rural development

"The CAP post 2013", Conference on the public debate: Workshops

"The CAP post 2013", Conference on the public debate: Workshops

The Common Agricultural Policy after 2013
"The CAP post 2013", Conference on the public debate: Workshops

Below you find the slide shows presented by the chairpersons and speakers in the workshops as well as the slide shows presented to the plenary by the workshop rapporteurs.


WORKSHOP 1 - Food security

 Keywords: Climate change, rising demand, market and price volatility, globalisation and competitiveness, slowing growth and productivity, economic difficulties of agricultural undertakings, concentration and negotiating power in the agri food chain, ...

Chair: Christiane LAMBERT, Farmer, Deputy Chairman of the French National Farmers’ Union (FNSEA): Presentation 1 - Presentation 2

Speaker: Giovanni ANANIA, Professor of Economics of Agricultural markets and European Economic Integration, University of Calabria, Italy: Presentation

Speaker: Chris GILBERT, Director, Doctoral Programme in Economics and Management, University of Trento, Italy: Presentation

Speaker: Jean-François SOUSSANA, Scientific Director on Environment of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), France: Presentation

Rapporteur: Johan SWINNEN, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Leuven, Belgium: Synthesis presentation



WORKSHOP 2 - Future of rural society

Keywords: Diversity of agriculture and rural areas in Europe, position of agriculture in economic activity and regional development, pressure on the territorial equilibrium and the trend towards desertification in certain regions, ...

Chair: Andris MIGLAVS, Researcher, Latvian Public Institute of Agricultural Economics

Speaker: Thomas BERTILSSON, Farmer, member of the Swedish Farmers’ Federation(LRF): Presentation

Speaker: Nathaniel PAGE, Director of the Fundatia ADEPT organisation for biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania: Presentation

Speaker: Goran SOSTER, Coordinator of the PREPARE Network (Pre-accession Partnership for Rural Europe), Slovenia: Presentation

Rapporteur: Maria Teresa PINTO CORREIA, Professor of Landscape Management and Biophysical Planning, University of Evora, Portugal: PresentationSynthesis presentation



WORKSHOP 3 - Environment and provision of public goods by agriculture

Keywords: Pressure on natural resources and biodiversity, upkeep of land and stewardship of the countryside, important agrarian systems for the environment and the provision of public goods by agriculture, contribution to limiting the effects of climate change, ...

Chair: David BALDOCK, Executive Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), United Kingdom

Speaker: Miguel AFAN de RIBERA YBARRA, Secretary General of ASAJA - Sevilla (Andalusia farmers and young farmers’ Association ), Spain: Presentation

Speaker: Urs NIGGLI, Director, FiBL (Research Institute on Organic Agriculture), Switzerland: Presentation

Speaker: Rainer OPPERMANN, Director, IFAB(German Institute of agroecology and biodiversity): Presentation

Rapporteur: Peter NOWICKI, Researcher, Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI) Wageningen, The Netherlands: Presentation



WORKSHOP 4 - Quality, diversity, health

Keywords: Nutritional quality, diversity and hygienic quality of food, animal welfare, new features of demand, accessibility and adequacy of supply, distance between producers and consumers, supply and marketing methods, ...

Chair: Hermann-Josef NIENHOFF, Managing Director, QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (QS scheme), Germany

Speaker: Robert PEDERSON, Agriculture and Health Manager of European Public Health Alliance (EPHA): Presentation

Speaker: Véronique SCHMIT, Executive Officer Policy, "Eurogroup for animals": Presentation

Speaker: Ludwig THEUVSEN, Professor, University of Göttingen

Rapporteur: David CLARKE, Chief Executive of Assured Food Standards, UK: Presentation



WORKSHOP 5 - The future role of the CAP in maintaining food production capacity in the EU

Keywords: Competitiveness, competition, innovation and market orientation, adaptation to climate change, stability of markets and incomes, insurance against risks, allocating added value and relations within the agri food chain, offsetting handicaps, rebalancing and targeting support, ...

Chair: Maira DZELZKALEJA, Farmer, Deputy Chairman of the Latvian Farmers’ organisation, Zemnieku Saeima: Presentation 1 - Presentation 2 - Presentation 3

Speaker: Antonio FERNÁNDEZ TORAÑO, Chairman of Agroseguro, Spain: Presentation

Speaker: Hervé GUYOMARD, Director, Agricultural Department of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), France: Presentation

Rapporteur: Alessandro SORRENTINO, Professor of Economics, University of Tuscia, Italy: Presentation



WORKSHOP 6 - The future role of the CAP in maintaining the vitality and making the most of the diversity of rural society

Keywords: Innovation, green growth and the rural economy, modernising and restructuring undertakings, supporting employment, making the most of the diversity of agricultural output and territories, short production chains and local markets, ...

Chair: Csaba CSAKI, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Budepest Corvinus University, Hungary: Presentation

Speaker: Juanan GUTIERREZ, Deputy Chairman, Euromontana: Presentation

Speaker: Hilkka VIHINEN, Professor of rural policy, MTT Agrifood Research, Finland: Presentation

Rapporteur: Heino VON MEYER, Head of the OECD office in Berlin: Presentation



WORKSHOP 7 - The future role of the CAP in preserving the environment and ensuring sufficient provision of public goods by agriculture

Keywords: Preserving natural resources, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and energy intensity, maintaining agrarian systems that encourage biodiversity, preserving the diversity of landscapes, ...

Chair: Katarzyna ZAWALINSKA, Researcher, Polish Academy of Sciences: Presentation

Speaker: Jose Manuel LIMA SANTOS, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Lisbon, Portugal: Presentation

Speaker: Eric POETSCH, Researcher, Raumberg-Gumpenstein Centre, Austria: Presentation

Rapporteur: Allan BUCKWELL, Emeritus Professor, Policy Director of Country Land and Business Association (CLA), UK: Presentation



WORKSHOP 8 - The future role of the CAP in promoting the quality and diversity of food supply

Keywords: Differentiation in the market, promotion, new forms of marketing, local and central food strategies, public tenders for institutional catering, ...

Chair: Carlo PETRINI, President and Founder of Slow Food International

Speaker: Andreja BOREC, Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Maribor, Slovenia: Presentation

Speaker: Arie VAN DEN BRAND, President, Bruges Group: Presentation

Rapporteur: Xavier GELLYNCK, Professor, University of Ghent, Belgium: Presentation