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CAP post-2013: Economic and policy Briefs

CAP post-2013: Economic and policy Briefs

The Common Agricultural Policy after 2013
CAP post-2013: Economic and policy Briefs

These briefs cover a range of issues of relevance to the current CAP reform. They include policy briefs, which look at evolution of policy and direction of reform and economic briefs on such topics as the structure of farming and rural issues, farm income, costs, markets and trade.

Agricultural Policy Perspectives Briefs


  • No 5: "Overview of CAP reform 2014-2020" (12/2013)

    This brief gives an overview of the 2013 reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). It improves the CAP framework for addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

  • No 3: "The future of CAP market measures" (01/2011)

    This Brief focuses on agricultural markets and tools to manage market risks, comparing the current system of market measures with other tools available.

  • No 2: "The future of CAP direct payments" (01/2011)

    This Brief looks at the role of the payments in providing basic income support and ensuring the delivery of public goods, how payments are distributed and implications of possible changes to the current system.


EU Agricultural Economic Briefs


  • No 4: "Rural areas and the Europe 2020 strategy: education" (10/2011)

    This Brief examines the latest statistics on school dropout rates among the people aged 18-24 years and the percentage of people aged 30-34 years with tertiary education in the EU-27. It focuses on the situation in rural areas and their degree of achieving the targets of the Europe 2020 strategy.

  • No 2: "What is a small farm?" (07/2011)

    This Brief looks at different criteria which could be used to define 'small farms', depending on the purpose of the analysis.

  • No 1: "Poverty in rural areas of the EU" (05/2011)

    This Brief examines the latest statistics on the number and percentage of people at risk of poverty in the EU, focusing on thinly populated (rural) areas, and analyses the risk for different age groups and gender.


Farm Economics Briefs


  • No 2: "EU production costs overview" (07/2011)

    This Brief presents key findings on EU production costs for the major agricultural sectors: cereals, dairy and beef.


Agricultural Markets Briefs



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