care of
our roots

Recent studies have shown that the EU urban population, and in particular youth, feels disconnected from the countryside, as the source of their food, and is unaware of the wider role of farmers in our society.

Following the decisions on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission has developed a dedicated communication campaign on the CAP, under the signature 'Europe's Common Agricultural Policy: Taking care of our roots'.

The campaign promotes among EU citizens, in particular urban dwellers, the importance of sustainable farming, not only for the supply of healthy food, but also for the environment, countryside and economy.

This EU-28 communication campaign mainly targets the general public, teachers and schoolchildren in secondary classes, and aims to re-establish links between urban citizens' daily life and agriculture - as a source of employment, rural development and in terms of the management of natural resources and environmental protection.

The campaign tools are:

  • A website explaining the role of the CAP, dedicated to the general public, stakeholders and teachers.
  • Audiovisual material: short videos, TV advert, cinema advert and animated clips on the main components of the CAP reform.
  • City farm and other CAP-related events.
  • Edutainment pack for schoolchildren.

The CAP in our lives

Designed to be greener, fairer and more efficient, the CAP reform aims to reinforce the partnership between Europe and its farmers and deliver real benefits to more than 500 million EU consumers.

It also provides an excellent opportunity to bring together EU citizens, farmers, NGOs, other rural actors, national, regional, local authorities, and the European Commission to better understand and debate the importance of agriculture in our lives – and those of future generations.

A common project

How can you get involved? Take a moment to browse this website! It tells you all about the main points of the new CAP, and how it supports agriculture in addressing global challenges that affect us all.

Citizens can find a wealth of factual information and fun, interactive events tailored to their needs. Specific material is also available for farmers, stakeholders and teachers.

An FAQ and animated clips explain in plain language what the latest version of the CAP means for Europeans. You can also find further information in the sections CAP reform and CAP in-depth.

A series of short films illustrate the different features of the CAP.

And a dedicated events section, for specialists and the general public, brings agriculture and the new CAP to life.

Find an event

Want to debate agricultural issues with other rural actors? Keen to visit a farm with your family? Interested to learn about different types of farming practices across the EU, or taste the diversity of Europe’s agricultural products? Our Events in your Country section provides information on all kinds of activities, from conferences, fairs and exhibitions to Open Farms and City Picnics.

Organise your own event

Fairs, seminars, Farms in the City, workshops, festivals, competitions… Are you planning your own CAP event around the themes of agriculture and/or rural development? Then visit our Toolkit section for free communication materials, from posters and audiovisual clips to roll-ups and banners! Do you want to reach the widest possible audience? Propose your project to feature in our Europe-wide events map. To do so, fill in and submit the online form in the section Events in your Country.

The CAP at Bruxelles Champêtre

On 22 September 2013, during Brussels ‘car-free’ day, the Place des Palais was transformed into a picturesque country landscape, packed with entertaining and educational activities for all the family.

More than 8 000 made a special visit to the pavilion of the European Commission (Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development). Here, visitors took part in a number of fun, creative activities that were aimed at raising awareness of the importance of agriculture in their lives – and of how the CAP supports farmers in ensuring food for more than 500 million EU citizens, protecting the environment, and preserving the vitality of Europe’s diverse countryside.