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Presentation: Medium-term prospects for agricultural markets and income: overall positive for 2013-2023

Prospects for EU commodity markets are favourable for the period 2013-2023, according to the European Commission's latest Medium-term Prospects  made public last week.

Main findings can be summarized as follows:

  • The medium-term forecast for arable crops is relatively positive, thanks to solid world demand and firm prices.
  • The EU meat sector is expected to be supported by strong demand on the world market, while prospects of economic recovery should also allow for a higher consumption in Europe.
  • Poultry meat will remain the most dynamic segment and pork Europe's favourite meat, while the decline in beef and sheep meat consumption is projected to continue.
  • Forecasts for milk and dairy commodities are favourable on both the world and domestic market, while the cheese sector is expected to be boosted by a dynamic world market and steady growth in domestic demand.
  • Agricultural income in the EU is expected to grow, although more as a result of the continuing decline in labour input rather than due to overall income growth.

Full information available here:

Recording of  technical briefing by Tassos HANIOTIS, Director, Economic analysis, perspectives and evaluation, communication, DG AGRI also available here: