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Economic analysis and evaluation

Trade policy analysis: World markets

The Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development publishes an annual report comparing projections for agricultural commodity markets.

  • "Agricultural commodity markets - Outlook"

    • "Outlook 2011-2020" - a comparative analysis [pdf] (09/2011)

    • "Outlook 2010-2019" [pdf] (07/2010)

    • "Outlook 2009-2018" [pdf] (07/2009)


  • "Agricultural Markets Briefs"

    • N° 1, June 2011: "High commodity prices and volatility … what lies behind the roller coaster ride?" [pdf]

      Background Data on Price Volatility:

      • Production growth rate [pdf]
      • Consumption growth rate [pdf]
      • Yields and animals [pdf]
      • Metals, minerals and energy [pdf]



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Policy perspectives

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Trade policy analysis


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