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Agricultural insurance schemes

Final report
December, 2006
Modified February 2008


This study was financed by the European Commission. The conclusions and opinions presented in this report are those of the Consultants and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Commission.

Modified version from February 2008

Judgement on the quality of the report [pdf]

Full text [pdf, 9.1 MB]

Tables of contents [pdf]

Chapter 1:   Executive Summary [pdf]

Chapter 2:   Introduction [pdf]

Chapter 3:   Literature review of risks and risk management tools in agriculture [pdf]

Chapter 4:   Production and income variability of EU agriculture [pdf]

Chapter 5:   Policies for disaster aids and for risk management in agriculture [pdf]

Chapter 6:   Existing agricultural insurance systems [pdf]

Chapter 7:   Other risk management tools in Europe [pdf]

Chapter 8:   Livestock sanitary risks and crises [pdf]

Chapter 9:   Feasibility of an EU-wide system of agricultural insurance [pdf]

Chapter 10: Conclusions [pdf]

Annex 1: Fact Sheet Austria [pdf]

Annex 2: Fact Sheet Belgium [pdf]

Annex 3: Fact Sheet Bulgaria [pdf]

Annex 4: Fact Sheet Cyprus [pdf]

Annex 5: Fact Sheet Czech Republic [pdf]

Annex 6: Fact Sheet Denmark [pdf]

Annex 7: Fact Sheet Estonia [pdf]

Annex 8: Fact Sheet Finland [pdf]

Annex 9: Fact Sheet France  [pdf]

Annex 10: Fact Sheet Germany [pdf]

Annex 11: Fact Sheet Hungary [pdf]

Annex 12: Fact Sheet Greece [pdf]

Annex 13: Fact Sheet Ireland [pdf]

Annex 14: Fact Sheet Italy [pdf]

Annex 15: Fact Sheet Latvia [pdf]

Annex 16: Fact Sheet Lithuania  [pdf]

Annex 17: Fact Sheet Luxembourg [pdf]

Annex 18: Fact Sheet Netherlands [pdf]

Annex 19: Fact Sheet Poland [pdf]

Annex 20: Fact Sheet Portugal [pdf]

Annex 21: Fact Sheet Romania [pdf]

Annex 22: Fact Sheet Slovakia [pdf]

Annex 23: Fact Sheet Slovenia [pdf]

Annex 24: Fact Sheet Spain [pdf]

Annex 25: Fact Sheet Sweden [pdf]

Annex 26: Fact Sheet United Kingdom [pdf]

Annex 27: Fact Sheet Croatia [pdf]

Annex 28: Fact Sheet Turkey [pdf]

References [pdf]

Glossary [pdf]


Version from December 2006

Judgement on the quality of the report [pdf]

Executive Summary [pdf]

Full text [pdf, 8.4 MB]

Tables of contents [pdf]

Background: climatic risk in agriculture [pdf]

Definitions of "disaster" and "crises" and related policies at Member State level,
BG and RO and discussion of these issues for the EU level [pdf]

Existing agricultural insurance systems in the World [pdf]

The current agricultural risk management systems in the EU and Candidate Countries [pdf]

Technical aspects of agricultural insurance [pdf]

Livestock sanitary risks and crises [pdf]

Production and income variability of EU agriculture [pdf]

Feasibility of an EU-wide system of agricultural insurance [pdf]

References [pdf]

Glossary [pdf]



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Publication date: 06-11-2008