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Report on the "International scientific workshop on plant authentication methods of Basmati rice"

Final Report
February 2010

The international workshop on Basmati DNA-based authentication methods was held on 21-22 September 2009. The workshop was organised with a view to implementing an authentication method related to the distinction of Basmati rice eligible for import duty exemption from other rice varieties. The aim of the workshop was to discuss whether the method under development by JRC-IRMM is the most appropriate one for that purpose. A further objective was to achieve a clear understanding of appropriate designs for plant authentication methods and the scientific/technical requirements related to their validation. The conclusions and opinions presented in this report are those of the consultants and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Commission.

Full text [pdf, 4 MB]


"Basmati and Quality and Questions", Melissa Fitzgerald [pdf]

"Practical requirements for plant authentication methods", Tamara Peelen [pdf]

"Potential of DIVERSITY ARRAYS TECHNOLOGY (DArT) for rice authentication", Andrzej Kilian [pdf]

"A Case of Maize Landrace Authentication Process in Mexico", Dr. Suketoshi Taba, CIMMYT Int. [pdf]

"Metabolomics as a tool for plant authentication?", Robert Hall [pdf]

"Development of SNP genotyping assays and applications in rice authentication", Chih-Wei Tung [pdf]

“Definition of a plant variety, its maintenance and monitoring of its properties” Luis Salaices (OEVV-Spain) [pdf]

"Genetic Diversity of Rice in India",  T. Mohapatra [pdf]

"Rice Genetic Diversity, Gene Flow, and Population Structure", Kenneth L. McNally [pdf]

"Varietal Diversity of Rice in India", B.N. Singh [pdf]

"Genetic diversity of rice in Pakistan", Yusaf Zafar [pdf]

"Rice Authentication using SSR and InDel markers",  Katherine Steele [pdf]


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Publication date: 14-07-2010