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Statistics   vertical line   The 2010 Agricultural Year

3. Economic data

3.6 Implementation of the common agricultural policy (CAP)
3.6.1 Impact of CAP reform

Overview of the implementation of direct payments under the CAP in Member States S1 S2 S3 S4

Budgetary ceilings for Single Payment Schemes in Member States

Budgetary ceilings for direct payments to be granted under Article 70 of regulation

(EC) No 1782/2003 and Article 87 of regulation (EC) N 73/2009.

Single Area Payment Scheme - areas

(articles 65 to 69 of regulation (EC) No 1782/2003).

Annual financial envelopes for the area payment scheme

Maximal amount of funs available for the Member States for granting the separate sugar payment referred to in Article 126 of regulation (EC) N 73/2009. Budgetary ceilings for direct payments to be granted under articles 66 to 69 of Regulation (EC) n 1782/2003 Aid for energy crops

Aid for energy crop - Evaluation - Regulation (EC) n 1973/2004 - Article 3 (1) (b) a. Use of land set aside for the production of raw materials Regulation (EC) N 1973/2004 - Article 169 (a) and (b). Cancelled Suckler cow premium: national ceilings and premiums granted Slaugther premium: national ceilings and premium granted Slaughter premium: national ceilings and premiums granted Ewe and goat premium: potential rights and applications for premiums

Direct payments to the producers by size class paid by EAGF Guarantee (Regulations  (EEC) N1782/2003) S1


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Date of publication : 11-03-2011