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Statistics   vertical line   The 2010 Agricultural Year

3. Economic data

3.1 The agricultural economy [pdf]
3.1.1 Shares of products in agricultural production
  3.1.1 - S1
3.1.2 Individual Member States and Candidate Countries' share in agricultural production
  3.1.2 - S1
3.1.3 Farm inputs: breakdown by Member State and Candidates Countries
3.1.4 Situation of the:
(a) output in agricultural activities sector
(b) consumption of inputs
(c) gross value-added at basic prices
(d) factor income
  3.1.4 - S1
3.1.5 Value of agricultural production, crop production and livestock production
   3.1.5 S1 - 3.1.5 S2 - 3.1.5 S3
3.1.6 Movement in output volume in the agricultural activities sector, in intermediate consumption, in gross added value (at basic prices) and in net value-added (at basic prices)
  3.1.6 - S1
3.1.7 Movement in the implicit index of output prices in the agricultural activities sector :
value/volume (nominal)
value/volume, deflated by GDP deflator (real)
3.1.8 Evolution of the implicit price index of intermediate consumption:
value/volume (nominal)
value/volume, deflated by GDP deflator (real)
3.1.9 Movements in productivity of intermediate consumption and terms of trade
3.1.10 Gross fixed capital formation and gross value-added in agriculture at basic prices
  3.1.10 - S1
3.1.12 Indices of real income from agricultural factors per annual work unit (AWU)

 Maps (M) [pdf]

 3.1.12 M

3.1.13 Volume of agricultural labour in annual work units (AWUs) Changes in intermediate consumption by volume Input (volume) indices - S1

Agriculture by region: major economic indicators and the share of individual products

   3.1.15 S1 - 3.1.15 S2 - 3.1.15 S3 - 3.1.15 S4


 Maps (M) [pdf]

 3.1.15 M

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Date of publication : 11-03-2011