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4. Agricultural markets


Milk and milk products [pdf]

Dairy herds and yield

Production of milk from dairy herds and delivery of milk to dairies

Deliveries of cows' milk to dairies, as a proportion of cows' milk production

Production of fresh milk and fresh milk products by the dairy industry

Production in dairies of butter and cheese

Production in dairies of milk powder

Production in dairies of concentrated milk and casein

World exports and production of – butter– cheese– casein

World exports and production of – whole-milk powder and skimmed-milk powder – condensed milk

World trade in certain milk products – EU share

Detailed supply balance – skimmed-milk powder

Detailed supply balance – butter

Milk producer price

Intervention measures for butter and skimmed-milk powder

Application of the quota system (quotas for deliveries)

Community butter and skimmed-milk powder stocks

Quantities of skimmed milk powder intended for animal feed and of skimmed milk processed into casein and caseinates, for which aids have been granted


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