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Agriculture in the European Union - Statistical and economic information 2001

3. Economic data

3.1 The agricultural economy [pdf]
3.1.1 Shares of individual products in agricultural production
3.1.2 Individual Member States' shares in agricultural production
3.1.3 Farm inputs: breakdown by Member State
3.1.4 Situation of the:
(a) output in agricultural activities sector
(b) consumption of inputs
(c) gross value-added at basic prices
(d) net value-added at basic prices
3.1.5 Value of agricultural production, crop production and livestock production
3.1.6 Movement in output volume in the agricultural activities sector, in intermediate consumption, in gross added value (at basic prices) and in net value-added (at basic prices)
3.1.7 Movement in the implicit index of output prices in the agricultural activities sector :
value/volume (nominal)
value/volume, deflated by GDP deflator (real)
3.1.8 Evolution of the implicit price index of intermediate consumption:
value/volume (nominal)
value/volume, deflated by GDP deflator (real)
3.1.9 Movements in productivity of intermediate consumption and terms of trade
3.1.10 Gross fixed capital formation and gross value-added in agriculture at basic prices
3.1.12 Indices of real income from agricultural factors per annual work unit (AWU)
3.1.13 Volume of agricultural labour in annual work units (AWUs) Changes in intermediate consumption by volume Input (volume) indices
3.1.15 Main agricultural economic data, by region



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