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Agriculture in the European Union - Statistical and economic information 2000

Codification of the tables

The choices made for the revision of the tables are reflected in a new codification, established on the basis of the same principle for all the tables. Each of them has been given a code with four digits, the first of which designates the subject to which the table refers:

1. Conversion rates,
2. Basic data,
3. Economic tables,
4. Tables on agricultural markets.

The second and third digits refer to specific aspects of the field concerned and their significance varies from one field to another.

For the tables concerning the agricultural markets (Tables 4) a standard codification for all the products has been used for these two digits:

(i) the second digit of the code designates the agricultural product concerned,
(ii) the third digit refers to the nature of the statistic presented:
–.–.0.– livestock numbers,
–.–.1.– area, yields and production (crop products) or slaughterings and production (livestock products),
–.–.2.– world production,
–.–.3.– external trade,
–.–.4.– supply balance,
–.–.5.– prices (producer prices, market prices, consumer prices),
–.–.6.– market management,
–.–.9.– various.

For certain sectors, all the possibilities are used (e.g. cereals). For other products only some are used (e.g. potatoes), either because the data needed are not available or because the features of these sectors in the EU do not justify such an exhaustive presentation in a general document such as this, which, for considerations of space, can provide only the most important information.


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