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50 Years of CAP - A Partnership between Europe and Farmers

New Fields Pillar III - A Cultural Strategy for EU Agriculture Policy, post- 2013

17/10/2012 - 18/10/2012
United Kingdom
Organised by
Littoral Arts Trust
Target group
Decision makers

New fields – EU Rural biennale

Proposal to establish an EU/international rural biennale programme aimed at connecting up future EU cultural, agriculture, rural development and environmental sustainability policy agendas, Post-CAP 2013.

After CAP - a Pillar III? Towards a cultural strategy for future EU agriculture and rural development policy Post-2013; proposing new artistic and cultural interventions into EU agriculture and rural development policy (2014 -19); rethinking the role of rural culture and contemporary art in the post-agricultural era; and positioning agriculture as a vital new 'cultural avenue' promoting bio-diversity, ecological resilience and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Call for papers:

The conference aims to document and promote the development of new critical, artistic and cultural interventions into rural issues and agriculture practices, and related agriculture and rural development policy agendas. Including proposals for an EU Creative Rural Economy initiative; the first EU Rural Biennale, connecting up art and agriculture with environmental sustainability agendas; and the development of a longer term EU cultural strategy for farmers and rural communities. An opportunity to rethink rural development, environmental sustainability and agriculture reform policy agendas from new artistic and cultural perspectives.


Ian Hunter