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Floriade 2012 World Expo

05/04/2012 - 07/10/2012
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Floriade 2012
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The “Floriade” is on every 10 years. Enjoy, while you visit exhibits from all over the world. Be inspired, while you learn about the latest ideas on how to tackle future challenges. Explore the beautiful site-area, covered with flowers, trees and gardens, also enjoy the 1,1 km gondola ride - 30 meters high -, enter the “Kids University for Cooking” or make your own Smart Food.
This Floriade celebrates “50 Years of CAP” in its own way! Public parts of the site were funded by the EU Rural Development Program. In October 2012, the European Commission will present her own Floriade-exhibit in the amazing glasshouse “Villa Flora”.

The CAP has continuously adapted to rising challenges; the Floriade has adapted her message also. The beauty of the flowers and the healthy benefits of fresh foods are still key, but there is more to it now. Europe may have full food security today, it was not always like that and it may not be so in the future, unless we learn how to produce “more with less” and succeed in achieving resource efficiency.

That is why the Floriade is now a world show stage for Corporate Social Responsibility in Horticulture and for sustainable and healthy produce. It covers 66 hectares of site-area, 40 hectares of show grounds, with 40 international pavilions and an additional 90 exhibitors. More than 1,8 million flower bulbs were planted as well as 220.000 trees, plants, shrubs, hedges and roses.

The Floriade Dialogue - scientific & practical support program (2009-2012) -, the exhibits and international matchmaking events express themes like food security and safety, agri-innovation, agri-logistic, food and health, resource efficiency, environmental and nature protection, short supply chains, local for local, green cities, waste management and re-use and green energy.

The Floriade is also the intellectual and physical basic infrastructure towards its final destination: an innovative and sustainable business area, combining knowledge, environment and economy.