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50 Years of CAP - A Partnership between Europe and Farmers

European cultural landscapes. The Spreewald

01/02/2012 - 31/12/2012
Organised by
Hoferichter & Jacobs Filmproduction GmbH
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General public
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“European cultural landscapes” is a filmic journey of discovery, following the historic traces of European agriculture as we know it today.

The series comes to know those people and regions that have been shaped by agriculture for centuries - and in which agriculture still determines a yet modern life. In the course of this filmic journey, the two documentaries first and foremost raise one question: In the 21st century, what is the future of agriculture and of the people who live on it?

Like a widely branched spider web the Spree River spreads the countryside of the Spreewald located south-easterly of Berlin. An unhurried river branches out into reams of small creeks and canals which are called “Fließe”. The width of these small rivers with a depth of more or less one meter adds up to only a few meters. This creates a magic river meadow as a labyrinth of water with a plenty of isles. Water is the formative element in the area which was shaped by the Ice Age and later formed by agriculture. But for all that, the moors and the grounds with a lacking of humus are an enormous challenge for farmers living in the Spreewald. These farmers have to discover the meager resources in the biotope of the Spreewald to cultivate and to protect the unique nature at the same time.

Furthermore, the tourists which are appealed by the Spreewald for being a local recreation area are an important economic factor for the region. By now, the Spreewald is accredited to a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in aim to protect the nature of this area. For that reason farming is of high importance. Agriculture has to cultivate but conserve the ecological system.

With this task in mind, it seems essential to establish a well balanced ratio between the nature conservancy and its value for the human beings. As Martina Treusch observed, that challenge is not always easy. Her film invites to a journey through one of the most extraordinary landscapes of Germany: the fascinating waterscape of the Spreewald.

Since 1996, Hoferichter & Jacobs GmbH continuously produces documentaries and feature films. Our main focus lies with contemporary topics realised in long formats. We are interested in exceptional, intriguing and fascinating stories bearing the potential to be told in a highly qualified manner, both to a German and an international audience.


Ringo Rösener