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50 Years of CAP - A Partnership between Europe and Farmers

About the campaign

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a cornerstone of European integration that has provided European citizens with five decades of secure food supply and a living countryside.

Back in 1962, Europeans were predominantly worried about having enough food on their plates. Today food security remains important, but we have also new concerns such as climate change and the sustainable use of natural resources. What has happened over these last 50 years? And what lessons should we learn for the future?

This website tells you more about the history, developments and achievements of the CAP. It also points out the future challenges we have to tackle in order to meet the needs of our society in the long term.

The 50th anniversary of the CAP is an excellent opportunity to build a common project involving the main rural actors and the European citizens to reflect on and debate the importance of agriculture in our lives.

The "50 Years of CAP Network" includes the European Commission, other European and national institutions dealing with agriculture, farmers' associations, other NGOs and rural actors. The network wants to celebrate this anniversary with all citizens at European, national, regional and - above all - local level in a creative, interactive and entertaining way.

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