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CE-E robot brochure 2013
2013 Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation final
Extract "Island hopping with EGNOS"
Where manufacturing meets creativity - policy options for the competitiveness of the European fashion industries
Summary report in English
Overview of the campaign.
Full Report (Volume 1)
Summary report in Spanish
Summary report in German
Questions and Answers v.1 (18.10.2012)
Call text
Summary report in Italian
Questions and Answers list v12 (11.07.2012)
Call text
More details on the local campaign activities.
Full report (Volume 2)
Final Report
Competitiveness of the European High-end industries
Summary report in French
Organisations looking for partners - Form to be filled
Guide for applicants
List of organisations looking for partners v10 (11.07.2012)
Draft grant agreement
COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION - A renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for Corporate Social Responsibility

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