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Study on the practical application and implementation of the European e-Invoicing standard
GROW/H3 - e-invoicing Standardisation overview issues and conclusions for future actions 2012
ENTR/E4 - "Decision Setting up the second European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing (e-invoicing)"
ENTR/E4 - "Decision Setting up the second European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic (e-invoicing)"
‘SMEs' access to public procurement markets and aggregation of demand in the EU
Agenda October 2013 einvoicing
Minutes einvoicing forum 5 october 2013
List of participants einvoicing forum 6 March 2012
Minutes 5 euro multi stakeholder forum einvoicing
Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing - meeting 01/10/2013
Jean-François Junger - CEF and Digital Services Infrastrutures.
Rikke Hougaard Zeberg - Mandatory e-invoicing – a great success.
Andrew Coulson - E-invoicing: reducing costs and improving compliance.
Dr. Gerhard Laga - Enabling micro-enterprises to send structured e-invoices to the public sector.
Miquel Estapé - The Catalonian e-invoicing hub: a single entry point to access all public administrations
Dématérialisation de la commande publique : un levier de modernisation de l’administration publique en Europe - Intervention par M. Barnier (Conférence Le rôle de la facturation électronique et de la passation de marchés publics électroniques dan
Code of Practice on Electronic Invoicing in Europe
Mid-Term Report of the European Commission Expert Group on e-Invoicing
Benchmarking of existing national legal e-business practices, from the point of view of enterprises (e-signature, e-invoicing and e-contracts)
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