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UK - National market surveillance programme 2017
Conference Professional services: How does regulation matter (Brussels, 9/11/2017)
Product liability conference
Invitation to the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) open workshop 29 November 2017 -Germany
List of national market surveillance authorities by country
List of national market surveillance authorities by sector
Completing the Internal Market for Non-Road Mobile Machinery - Workshop of 14 June 2017 - Report
Highlights from Conference on Strategic Public Procurement Paris
Results of the sectorial stakeholder engagement on "Building a European Data Economy", Annex 1 Report on sectorial stakeholder engagement at 11-07-2017
Final report of the Single Market Forum 2016/2017 closing conference
ES - Final National Action Plan Cluster 1
Presentations during workshop on first year of operation of EPC and 'Alert Mechanism'
Proposal for a Regulation of the EP and of the Council setting out the conditions and procedure by which the Commission may request undertakings and associations of undertakings to provide information in relation to the internal market and related areas
Action plan on the Reinforcement of SOLVIT: Bringing the benefits of the Single Market to citizens and businesses
Factsheet on Single Digital Gateway
Study on information and assistance needs of businesses operating cross-border within the EU, including gap and cost analysis
•Public procurement workshop III: Tools for efficiency; Helpdesks, support and exchange platforms
Agenda - Professionalisation of public procurement
Programme - Transparency aimed at balanced development of joint economy
Draft agenda
Operating in the Single Market for Goods Enforcement, Compliance, Surveillance
SINGLE MARKET: growing bureaucracy or still added value
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