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Your EU rights: problem solving and complaints

If you face problems or discrimination, or have a dispute with national authorities

As an EU national – or national of Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway – you have certain rights when doing things in other European countries. This includes moving, living, studying and doing business.

In many cases, the best place to get help to defend your EU rights is from national bodies, rather than the EU. This guide will help you to identify which is the most appropriate service to help you solve your problem.

Unfair competition from another business

Find a national competition authority

Dispute with a public authority in another EU country

Find out about submitting a complaint (SOLVIT)

Unfair government support for competitors abroad

Find out about submitting a complaint

Unfair treatment by an EU body

Complain or get information (European Ombudsman)

Report a breach of EU law by national authorities

The Commission may launch a formal procedure (no personal redress)

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