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White Papers

Commission White Papers are documents containing proposals for EU action in a specific area. In some cases they follow a Green Paper published to launch a consultation process at European level.

When a White Paper is favourably received by the Council of the EU, it can lead to an action programme for the Union in the area concerned.

Use the links below to see White Papers published on EUR-Lex, the database for the Official Journal of the EU. You can also search directly on Eur-Lex.

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White papers published before 1990

  • Internal Market and Industrial Cooperation - Statute for the European Company - Internal market White Paper, point 137 (memorandum from the Commission to Parliament, the Council and the two sides of industry) pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] COM(88) 320, June 1988
  • Completing the Internal Market: White Paper from the Commission to the European Council (Milan, 28-29 June 1985) COM(85) 310, June 1985 Main text ; Annex

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