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European Council endorses Commission's priorities


European Council endorses Commission's priorities

In a press conference at the European Council, President Juncker expressed his satisfaction that the European Council had once again given its full backing to the political priorities of the Commission, in particular those related to jobs, growth and investment.

President Juncker: the European project continues


President Juncker: the European project continues

Addressing the European Parliament on the follow-up to the British referendum, Mr Juncker called on the UK government to clarify the situation as rapidly as possible and stressed that we Europeans 'are not going to halt our journey into the future'.

Commission discusses UK Referendum results and prepares for European Council

Weekly meeting27/06/2016

Commission discusses UK Referendum results and prepares for European Council

The Commission held a discussion on the situation following the UK Referendum results and prepared for the European Council meeting of 28 June and the subsequent informal meeting of 27 Heads of State or Government and the Presidents of the European Commission and the European Council.

Strengthening EU-Ukraine cooperation


Strengthening EU-Ukraine cooperation

President Juncker and members of the College attend a meeting with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko to discuss matters of mutual importance. Two agreements are signed to strengthen EU-Ukraine cooperation.

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Weekly meeting27/06/2016

Commission discusses UK Referendum results and prepares for European Council

Weekly meeting22/06/2016

An ambitious vision for EU-China relations

Weekly meeting15/06/2016

Progress in managing the refugee crisis and scientific criteria for endocrine disruptors

Weekly meeting07/06/2016

Migration: 'Blue Card' reform, integration and new partnership with third countries

Weekly meeting01/06/2016

College focusses on InvestEU, EU standards, Glyphosate and Poland

Weekly meeting25/05/2016

Commission makes an important step towards a Digital Single Market

Weekly meeting18/05/2016

Commission issues Country-Specific Recommendations and takes fiscal decisions

Weekly meeting10/05/2016

Preparing the next steps under the European Semester

Weekly meeting04/05/2016

Towards a sustainable and fair Common European Asylum System

Weekly meeting27/04/2016

A new integrated EU policy for the Arctic

Weekly meeting20/04/2016

Commission paves the way towards a Security Union and reports on EU-Turkey Agreement

Weekly meeting12/04/2016

Commission proposes public tax transparency rules for multinationals

Weekly meeting06/04/2016

Reforming the European Asylum System and strengthening border management and security

Weekly meeting16/03/2016

College discusses next steps with Turkey, relocation and resettlement

Weekly meeting08/03/2016

Towards a Pillar of Social Rights, reformed rules for posted workers and a rebalancing of the economy

Weekly meeting02/03/2016

Faster crisis response within the EU: new Emergency Assistance instrument proposed

Weekly meeting24/02/2016

College debates country reports and VAT Action Plan

Weekly meeting17/02/2016

College prepares for migration and UK focus at summit

Weekly meeting10/02/2016

Migration: Progress on priority actions and call for urgent action

Weekly meeting05/02/2016

Commission adopts Opinion on Portugal's 2016 Draft Budgetary Plan

Weekly meeting02/02/2016

Fight against terrorist financing and adoption of Schengen Evaluation Report on Greece

Weekly meeting27/01/2016

Tighter rules for cars; Pillar of Social Rights; Schengen, Bulgaria and Romania

Weekly meeting19/01/2016

Commission works towards better criminal data sharing

Weekly meeting13/01/2016

Rule of law in Poland: Commission starts dialogue

Weekly meeting09/12/2015

Creating a Digital Single Market

Weekly meeting02/12/2015

Combatting terrorism, Circular Economy and better accessibility for people with disabilities

Weekly meeting24/11/2015

Reinforced protection for depositors in Europe and support for refugees in Turkey

Weekly meeting18/11/2015

Control of Firearms, Energy Union and Neighbourhood Policy Review

Weekly meeting11/11/2015

Completing Banking Union: debate on a European Deposit Insurance Scheme

Weekly meeting27/10/2015

Juncker Commission adopts second annual Work Programme

Weekly meeting21/10/2015

Deepening EMU and Fiat and Starbucks tax decisions

Weekly meeting14/10/2015

Managing the refugee crisis and redrawing EU trade strategy

Weekly meeting06/10/2015

Internal Market, labour mobility and transatlantic data transfers discussed

Weekly meeting30/09/2015

Capital Markets Union Action Plan and EU budget support in the refugee crisis

Weekly meeting23/09/2015

Management of the refugee crisis: Commission shows the way forward

Weekly meeting16/09/2015

Commission proposes reform for resolving investor-to-state disputes

Weekly meeting02/09/2015

Commission seminar: Tackling the challenges ahead

Weekly meeting22/07/2015

Kick-starting investment; changing EFSM; supporting workers and refugees

Weekly meeting15/07/2015

€35 billion for Greece mobilised; progress towards Energy Union

Weekly meeting07/07/2015

College discusses situation in Greece and TTIP

Weekly meeting01/07/2015

EMU and EU budget discussed; defunct proposals withdrawn

Weekly meeting24/06/2015

Commission appoints new Secretary-General; reshuffles senior management

Weekly meeting17/06/2015

Making Corporate Taxation fairer and more transparent

Weekly meeting09/06/2015

On the path to a more social Europe

Weekly meeting03/06/2015

Commission unveils actions to tackle animal testing

Weekly meeting27/05/2015

Commission fulfils its commitment to act swiftly on migration

Weekly meeting19/05/2015

Better Regulation Agenda: Enhancing transparency and scrutiny

Weekly meeting13/05/2015

Commission heralds Migration Agenda and CSRs

Weekly meeting06/05/2015

A Strategy for the Digital Single Market

Weekly meeting28/04/2015

New European Agenda on Security

Weekly meeting22/04/2015

Commission reviews GMOs, meets African Union, sends Statement of Objections to Gazprom

Weekly meeting15/04/2015

Commission opens Google antitrust proceedings

Weekly meeting25/03/2015

Digital Single Market: Commission agrees areas for action

Weekly meeting18/03/2015

Commission presents Tax Transparency Package and welcomes French Prime Minister Valls

Weekly meeting10/03/2015

Progress on economic policy and investment - geopolitics discussed

Weekly meeting04/03/2015

College debates migration and neighbourhood and receives A. Merkel

Weekly meeting25/02/2015

Energy Union and Economic Governance

Weekly meeting18/02/2015

College debates fairer taxation and launches consultation on Capital Markets Union

Weekly meeting10/02/2015

Informal European Council to focus on Security, Greece and Ukraine

Weekly meeting04/02/2015

€1bn for youth employment and kicking off Energy Union

Weekly meeting28/01/2015

Commission launches work on establishing a Capital Markets Union

Weekly meeting21/01/2015

A fresh look at European Security

Weekly meeting13/01/2015

€315 bn Investment Plan: Fund for Strategic Investments proposed

Weekly meeting10/12/2014

Juncker Commission takes oath of independence at the Court of Justice

Weekly meeting03/12/2014

College meets with Latvian government ahead of its EU Presidency

Weekly meeting25/11/2014

Opening the windows: Commission commits to enhanced transparency

Weekly meeting19/11/2014

Weekly College meeting discusses greater transparency

Weekly meeting12/11/2014

Second College meeting of the Juncker Commission

Weekly meeting05/11/2014

First College meeting of the Juncker Commission

Press release28/06/2016

CALENDRIER du 27 juin au 3 juillet 2016

Press release17/06/2016

CALENDRIER du 20 juin au 26 juin 2016

Press release10/06/2016

CALENDRIER du 13 juin au 19 juin 2016

Press release03/06/2016

CALENDRIER du 6 juin au 12 juin 2016

Press release28/06/2016

Commission calls for renewed commitment to Roma integration

Press release27/06/2016

New Commission proposal helps Cyprus and Greece fully seize investment opportunities under ESI Funds

Press release27/06/2016

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts by Marriott

Press release22/06/2016

The European Union sets its sights high on ambitions with China

Press release22/06/2016

New EU package of more than €200 million to support one million refugees from Syria in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon

Press release22/06/2016

European Commission appoints new Director-General for Regional and Urban Policy

Press release22/06/2016

European Border and Coast Guard agreed

Press release22/06/2016

EU Covenant of Mayors and Compact of Mayors launch largest global coalition of cities committed to fighting climate change

Press release21/06/2016

EU Solidarity Fund: €1.65 million for Greece after the 2015 earthquake affecting the Ionian Islands

Press release21/06/2016

Fair Taxation: Commission welcomes agreement reached by Member States on new rules to tackle tax avoidance

Press release17/06/2016

New EU rules to promote high-quality audits take effect

Press release17/06/2016

Commission injects €6.7 billion into transport infrastructure to boost jobs and growth

Press release16/06/2016

Road transport: Commission refers Denmark and Finland to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to comply with cabotage rules

Press release16/06/2016

Transport: Commission takes legal action against the systematic application of the French and German minimum wage legislation to the transport sector

Press release16/06/2016

Commission proposes to fine SLOVAKIA in connection with landfill in Žilina

Press release16/06/2016

Rail transport: Commission refers Germany to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to fulfil its duty of sincere cooperation

Press release16/06/2016

Free movement of capital: Commission refers Hungary to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to comply with EU rules on the rights of cross-border investors in agricultural land

Press release16/06/2016

Andriukaitis: lack of awareness on antimicrobial resistance highlights the need to intensify EU action

Press release16/06/2016

New EU Support for Somalia and Mauritius announced during top development event

Press release16/06/2016

Aviation: Commission updates EU air safety list –Iran and Africa make progress

Press release16/06/2016

EU political deal to curb trade in conflict minerals

Press release15/06/2016

Commission welcomes EU Council’s backing for a new regulatory framework of Money Market Funds

Press release15/06/2016

Commission adopts second Recommendation identifying steps to restore Dublin transfers to Greece

Press release15/06/2016

Managing the Refugee Crisis: Commission reports on progress made in the implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement

Press release15/06/2016

Relocation and Resettlement: Increased efforts on resettlement and relocation must be sustained

Press release15/06/2016

World leaders gather in Brussels as 10th edition of European Development Days kicks off

Press release15/06/2016

Commission presents scientific criteria to identify endocrine disruptors in the pesticides and biocides areas

Press release14/06/2016

Stronger EU action to better tackle violent radicalisation leading to terrorism

Press release14/06/2016

Key players from across the world come together for the 10th anniversary of European Development Days

Press release14/06/2016

Eight new product names protected as Geographical Indications

Press release13/06/2016

EU adopts new measures to promote stability and combat the root causes of irregular migration

Press release13/06/2016

State aid: Commission approves German investment aid to paper manufacturer Hamburger Rieger and opens investigation into German aid to polymer processer REHAU

Press release10/06/2016

Air Passenger Rights: Commission wants better enforcement of rules ahead of summer holidays

Press release10/06/2016

Climate Action: EU prepares the way for a quick ratification of Paris Agreement

Press release10/06/2016

Ten actions to help equip people in Europe with better skills

Press release10/06/2016

EU signs Economic Partnership Agreement with Southern African countries

Press release09/06/2016

Final adoption of new rules to cut red tape on citizens' public documents

Press release09/06/2016

Mergers: Commission approves Sysco's acquisition of Brakes

Press release09/06/2016

Antitrust: Commission welcomes entry into force of new rules to boost card payment transparency

Press release09/06/2016

TAIEX: 20 years of successfully sharing EU expertise

Press release08/06/2016

Commission welcomes Council’s backing of the prospectus reform

Press release08/06/2016

A new strategy to put culture at the heart of EU international relations

Press release07/06/2016

Delivering the European Agenda on Migration: Commission presents Action Plan on Integration and reforms 'Blue Card' scheme for highly skilled workers from outside the EU

Press release07/06/2016

International Aviation: New EU-level Agreements will benefit European passengers and businesses

Press release07/06/2016

Commission announces New Migration Partnership Framework: reinforced cooperation with third countries to better manage migration

Press release07/06/2016

Commission registers 'More than Education' European Citizens' Initiative

Press release07/06/2016

Commission releases 2016 Convergence Report

Press release07/06/2016

European Commission announces €200 million in funding for the Neighbourhood Investment Facility to mobilise over €2 billion of investments in the EU's Southern and Eastern neighbourhood

Press release07/06/2016

European Commission announces over €6 million to support stabilisation efforts in Libya

Press release06/06/2016

EU-US Leaders Meeting in July

Press release06/06/2016

North Seas Countries agree on closer energy cooperation

Press release03/06/2016

European Commission appoints new Head of Representation in Luxembourg

Press release03/06/2016

State aid: Commission clears Belgian postal service compensation for bpost 2016 to 2020

Press release03/06/2016

European Union joins Mission Innovation, a global initiative on clean energy

Press release02/06/2016

Commission helps regions join forces to invest in industrial modernisation

Press release02/06/2016

A European agenda for the collaborative economy

Press release02/06/2016

State aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into support for the Portuguese railway maintenance company EMEF

Press release01/06/2016

European Youth Orchestra will be able to continue its activities

Press release01/06/2016

Commission adopts Rule of Law Opinion on the situation in Poland

Press release01/06/2016

Investment Plan for Europe: European Fund for Strategic Investments to be extended following successful first year

Press release01/06/2016

Taking the EU-Myanmar partnership to the next level: an EU strategy in support of Myanmar's reforms

Press release01/06/2016

Commission takes steps to modernise EU's standardisation policy

Press release31/05/2016

EU steps up humanitarian aid for Burundi crisis: €22 million in 2016

Press release31/05/2016

European Commission and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech

Press release30/05/2016

EU and Mexico kick off talks to re-boost trade and investment relations


UK Referendum on Membership of the European Union: Questions & Answers


Frequently Asked Questions on the Joint Communication: Elements for a new EU strategy on China


The Anti Tax Avoidance Package – Questions and Answers (Updated)


Reform of the EU Statutory Audit Market - Frequently Asked Questions (updated version)


Connecting Europe Facility – Results of the 2015 transport calls for proposals


The EU at work to bridge the investment gap in transport and stimulate the European economy


June infringements' package: key decisions


Frequently Asked Questions: Endocrine disruptors


Frequently asked questions : Stronger action at EU level to better tackle violent radicalisation


The Investment Plan for Europe and Energy: making the Energy Union a reality


Description of the six new measures adopted to tackle the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in the Sahel region and Lake Chad Basin


Ten actions to help equip people in Europe with better skills - Frequently asked questions


Antitrust: Regulation on Interchange Fees


A new strategy to put culture at the heart of EU international relations


Towards a new Partnership Framework with third countries under the European Agenda on Migration: Frequently Asked Questions


The 2016 Convergence Report: Assessment of Member States regarding the conditions for euro adoption


Transport Council on 7 June in Luxembourg


A European agenda for the collaborative economy


Commission Opinion on the Rule of Law in Poland and the Rule of Law Framework: Questions & Answers


Investment Plan for Europe: One year of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) – Frequently Asked Questions


The European Union and Myanmar: A special partnership for democracy, peace and prosperity


The EU and Myanmar: A special partnership for peace, democracy and prosperity




FAQs: Glyphosate

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Daily News 31 / 05 / 2016


Speech by President Jean-Claude Juncker to the plenary session of the European Parliament on the result of the referendum in the United Kingdom


Discours du Président Jean-Claude Juncker à la session plénière du Parlement européen sur le résultat du référendum au Royaume-Uni


Press statements by President Jean-Claude Juncker at the joint press point with High Representative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini and the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin


Speech by Commissioner Jonathan Hill at the Pensions Europe Conference 2016


Speech by Vice-President Ansip at the Ministerial Meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on the Digital Economy


Pressestatements von Präsident Jean-Claude Juncker bei der Pressebegegnung mit dem österreichischen Bundeskanzler Christian Kern


Speech by President Jean-Claude Juncker at the Annual General Meeting of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV)


Remarques à la presse du Président Jean-Claude Juncker à la conférence de presse conjointe avec le Premier ministre Alexis Tsipras


Speech by Commissioner Pierre Moscovici at the Tax Congress of the Berlin Tax Forum 2016


Remarks by Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference


Remarks by Commissioner Avramopoulos at the press conference following the College meeting


Speech by Energy Union Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič at the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament


Vice-President Ansip's keynote speech at GSMA Europe Mobile 360 Europe event


Remarks by Commissioners Navracsics and Avramopoulos at the press conference on the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism


Speech by Commissioner Věra Jourová at the Launch of the EU High Level Group on Combating Racism, Xenophobia and other forms of intolerance


Remarks of Commissioner Jonathan Hill at the European Parliament's Public Hearing on Securitisation


Remarks by Commissioner Avramopoulos following the afternoon session of the Justice and Home Affairs Council


Keynote speech by Vice-President Katainen - Brussels Economic Forum 9 June


Discours du Président Jean-Claude Juncker au Sommet sur le monde du travail de l'Organisation Internationale du Travail


Speech by Commissioner Moscovici: "Structural reforms 2.0: for a stronger and more inclusive recovery"


Keynote speech by VP Dombrovskis at the Brussels Economic Forum on the EMU: restarting convergence and strengthening resilience


Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič at the BDEW Congress 2016


Propos introductif du Commissaire Pierre Moscovici - Réunion du groupe de Travail sur l'Aide Financière


VP Dombrovskis at the EP Financial Assistance Working Group on the Greek Programme


Speech by President Jean-Claude Juncker at the closing plenary session of the European Business Summit


Discours du Président Jean-Claude Juncker au 99ème Congrès des maires de France


Speech by President Jean-Claude Juncker at the celebration of 40 years of the European People's Party


Statement by Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström on EU Trade Policy


Statement on the Decision of Commissioner Lord Hill to resign from the European Commission and on the transfer of the Financial Services portfolio to Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis


Joint Statement by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Mark Rutte, Holder of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, Jean...


Commission statement on judgment of German Constitutional Court


Joint Statement ahead of World Refugee Day 2016


Joint Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict


Statement by Commissioner Andriukaitis on the political agreement reached on the EU proposal for revision of the provisions on official controls along the food chain


Statement by Commissioner Avramopoulos on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the Schengen Agreement


Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the attack in Orlando


Statement by Commissioner Vella welcoming new global agreement to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing


Joint statement by the High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn on the vote on constitutional amendments related to the judiciary by the Parlia...


Joint EU-U.S. press statement following the EU-U.S. Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial meeting


Glyphosate: Commission proposes the way forward - Statement by Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis