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EU Local offices and information points

Commission representation offices

The Commission representation offices act as the Commission’s voice and monitor public opinion in their host country. They provide information on the EU through events and the distribution of brochures, leaflets and other materials.

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EU delegations and offices around the world

The European External Action Service is responsible for a network of around 141 EU offices located outside of the Union. The delegations act as the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of the EU vis-à-vis the authorities and population in their host countries.

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European Public Spaces

European Public Spaces (EPS) offer venues for events with a European flavour open to the general public in Member States. Run jointly by European Commission Representations and European Parliament Information Offices under one roof, EPS are meeting places and info points that can host debates, forums, lectures and training on European issues, as well as cultural activities such as exhibitions and films.

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Information points

Visit, call or e-mail a Europe Direct centre near you for information or to attend local information events.

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